The number of people who suffer from cancer has doubled or even tripled over the past several decades, in certain parts of the world. It is believed that the foods we consume and the lifestyle choices we make can increase or decrease the risk for certain types of cancer. One thing is for sure, though: overly-processing the foods and using chemicals, additives and preservatives can put you at great risk for this life-threatening disease. Here you will find a brief overview of the top 10 processed foods that have health experts everywhere worried about impact on our bodies:


1. Potato Chips
We have all eaten potato chips: they are delicious, readily available and they are great snacks when you are on the go and you do not have time to cook something healthy. However, these chips are full of colors, preservatives, artificial flavors, sodium and trans fats, the latter being known for clogging your arteries. At the same time, the chips that are cooked at very high temperatures also contain acrylamide, a compound that triggers thousands of cancer cases every year.

2. Genetically Modified Organisms  15476684_s
Slowly but surely, genetically modified organisms (or simply GMOs) have started to replace the traditional fruits and vegetables with products that are full of chemicals and that have been linked to fast tumor growth. The GMOs are everywhere: tomatoes, soybeans, traditional corn and such. In a nutshell, if you fear the side effects of GMO you have two ways in which you can avoid them: you can either grown your own fruits and vegetables without the use of biotechnology, or you can look for the sticker that says “Certified Organic”. This guarantees that the product in question is natural and was grown and harvested organically.