4. Red Meat

Although you should not avoid red meat overall given the fact that this is a good and nutritious source of proteins and iron, a big juicy stake will prevent you from achieving that deep, relaxing and refreshing sleep we all need after a long and stressful day. For that deep-state sleep to occur, your body systems all need to be at peace: this is exactly what won’t happen if you eat red meat before bedtime.

5. Chocolate

Dark chocolate is very good for your brain and for your memory, but at the same time it is bad for your waistline: especially if you plan to eat it at night, when all the calories will be stored as fat given the fact that your body is at rest. A small piece of chocolate would serve as a great dessert, but the problem is that most people end up binging on chocolate rather than sticking to just one piece.

One of the reasons why you should avoid chocolate before bedtime (especially dark chocolate) is because it is very rich in caffeine and other stimulants that will put your heart at work and keep your mind focused, rather than allowing it to relax and simply disconnect.

6. Vegetables

Veggies are delicious, nutrient-filled diet foods, but they are certainly not a great choice if you plan to go to bed soon, and for a very simple reason: vegetables such as onions, broccoli or cabbage contain high amounts of insoluble fiber which will make you feel full for a longer period of time. This would be fine if you were on a diet during the day, but during the night the fiber moves very slowly in your digestive system, not to mention that they cause excessive flatulence as well.