7. Alcohol Of Any Kind

Alcohol is definitely a sleep killer, given the fact that it can cause night sweats and cause you to wake up repeatedly during the night. Alcohol (especially wine) not only diminished the quality of the sleep, but it also reduces the nightly sleep time and it is very high in calories as well.

8. Cheeseburgers

Just like any other type of fatty, high-calorie foods, cheeseburgers should also be avoided before you go to bed because they stimulate the natural production of acid in the stomach and cause heartburn during the night, just like some of the other foods mentioned above.

9. Chilly Sauce

Chilly is certainly very healthy and beneficial when mixed with specific ingredients, but chilly sauce is a big no if you plan to go to bed soon. This is a high-calorie food that is filled with proteins and slow-burning carbohydrates.

10. Snacks And Chips

Processed snack foods should be avoided at all times, not just before you go to bed, given the fact that they contain high amounts of monosodium glutamate that is known to be linked to a variety of sleep disorders.