Some symptoms of diabetes are well known: But others are subtle. Actually a lot of people might have no symptoms until they test positive for diabetes. Often times, people tend to overlook the initial symptoms of diabetes. The reason for this is lack of knowledge about warning signs. Here are 10 indications that point to diabetes.

1. Blurred vision
Eyes are severely affected by diabetes. A number of people are affected by vision problems. Blurry vision together with other vision problems is common. Swelling of eyes lens occurs mostly because of high sugar levels and as a result, vision is affected. Also, the optic nerve is likely to damage.

2. Sudden weight loss
Variation in weight without any efforts such as diet management or work out could be the ringing alarm for diabetes. Owing to the body’s inability to absorb sugar and frequent urination, a patient (typically of type 1 diabetes) loses weight at an alarming rate.

3. Excessive hunger
If you are not exercising a lot or consuming less food, but notice that you are always hungry, it could be a symptom of diabetes. Diabetes prevents glucose from entering the cells, so the body cannot turn the food you eat into energy.

4. Skin and/or yeast infection
When there’s tons of sugar in the body, its ability to recover well from infections is severely affected. Female with diabetes find it difficult to recover from vaginal and bladder infections.

5. Numbness
If there’s a lot of sugar in the body, nerves could be damaged, as could the blood vessels that feed those nerves. One might experience numbness and/or tingling in his feet and hands.