For several years now, there have been more and more people speaking out about the five to six meals a day phenomenon. Though this topic of conversation has gained momentum lately, many consumers still have no idea how eating several meals per day helps them to improve their overall health. Regardless of the reason, you may want to modify your eating habits whether it is to lose weight, ensure a more nutritional diet, for fitness training, or to control your blood sugar, five or six meals a day might be just what you need to add balance to your diet. The next time you feel hunger pangs taking over, satisfy your palate with a nutritious low calorie snack and avoid the high calories and the guilt afterwards! 

14353540_s1. Seedless Cucumber Slices/Low-fat Cheese
A half-cup of cucumbers contains just eight calories, put together with two-slices of low-fat cheese; this snack will have you feeling full in no time. Calories: 128

2. Nuts/Raw Veggies2939235_s
One ounce of nuts with one-half cup of sliced red-pepper is filled with healthy fats and protein. The nuts will have you feeling full, while the red-pepper will give you a good dose of vitamins A and C. Calories: 163