19859662_s3. Edamame
Edamame is an ideal snack. One cup delivers almost 15-grams of protein along with considerable amounts heart-healthy folate and fiber. Dash a bit of salt on the pods, and you will have a tasty option to other sodium laden snacks. Edamame also helps to build muscle. Calories: 179

4. Rice Crackers/Wasabi Peas21711629_s
This snack mix based on Asian style cuisine will gratify your desire for something crispy and salty minus the extra pounds! The peas supply several grams of protein as well. Calories: 110

19936478_s5. Low-Fat Cottage Cheese/Strawberries
Calorie packed cheese cake has nothing on this low-calorie snack. The protein and fat from the cottage-cheese will silence your hunger, while the one cup of strawberries will give you all the vitamin C you require for the day. Be sure to choose the low-sodium variety of cottage-cheese. Calories: 149