6. Red Grapes/Pecorino Cheese10455052_s
This perfect sweet-salty combo satisfies the craving for something different while not piling on the pounds. You’ll receive added protein from the cheese and a measure of vitamin C and K from the delicious red grapes. Calories: 159

18876775_s7. Sliced Pear/Chopped Walnuts and Honey
This creative snack taste just like a dessert without the additional calories. The pear is packed with fiber and vitamins, while the walnuts offer very important omega-3 fatty acids. Calories: 174

8. Greek Yogurt/Honey and Whole-Grain Cereal15777840_s
If you want texture, taste, and satisfaction in one go try this tasty snack. You will certainly “hit the spot” and satisfy your craving with protein and fiber. Choose a cereal low in sugar, rich in fiber, with a whole-grain as a first ingredient, like Cheerios.
Calories: 175