14794900_s9. Banana/Peanut Butter
This snack combination is as old as the hills, and a favorite among many. Bananas are full of potassium, magnesium and vitamins B6 and C. The peanut butter will top it off with heart healthy fats. This combination should be a part of anyone’s snack menu. Calories: 199

10. Apple Slices/Brie Cheese Spread4682560_s
This combo will subdue your cravings for sweets and deliver antioxidants and fiber to boot! In fact, the fruit might preclude strokes, according to Dutch studies. Calories: 189

According to studies, the ideal snack is from 150 to 200 calories if it is filled with nutrients and consists of fiber, whole grains, and protein to supply a bit of staying-power. You can get loads for 200 calories and under. It just takes good planning and the desire to eat healthy. In fact, the ten snack ideas mentioned are not expensive and tasty as well. A food combination that can’t be beat!