Calorie Rich Dishes in UK

Calorie exposure doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite in the UK when it comes to foods! Nonetheless, by comparing the ingredients, of these five foods to dishes with similar ingredients, you will find the calorie count is quite high.

fish pieStargazy Pie
Stargazy pie is a scary looking dish. This UK dish calls for no less than 16 quail’s eggs! The key feature is the fish heads staring upwards, hence the name “Stargazy.” Streaky bacon, puff pastry, and plenty of butter are a few of the calorie-laden ingredients that make up this creepy looking pie.


spotted dick
Spotted Dick
Spotted Dick is a classic UK dessert made chiefly from suet and currants. Suet is a type of animal fat similar to lard. The calorie count may not be in the 1000s but the calories from fat is high.



scotch eggsScotch Egg 
The Scotch Egg is originally from Scotland and made with a hardboiled egg swathed in sausage-meat, covered in breadcrumbs, and to drive the hammer to the nail, it’s deep-fried. Just think of the luscious calories from fat!