7. Hummus

The chickpeas that hummus is made of have protein in them as well as slow-releasing carbohydrates. This means that you will feel energized after your workout, even if it was difficult and exhausting. If you are going to buy this instead of make it, then purchase a product that is all-natural and made without any chemicals or sugars. One of the best ways to eat this is with roasted vegetables in a whole grain pita pocket.

Veggie Pita with Hummus 
1/4 tbsp hummus –
1 cup roasted vegetables (your choice) –
1 pita pocket-

All you have to do to make this is spread the hummus inside of the pocket before stuffing it with the roasted vegetables. Roast the veggies on your own using only a small amount of olive oil and season them with salt and pepper.


Other Meal Ideas: – A salad topped with a sliced hard boiled egg, broccoli, red peppers, chicken (or salmon) and roasted sweet potatoes. Use a low calorie vinaigrette and you will be eating something that will energize you and your muscles. A great meal replacement is a whey protein fruit smoothie.
To make this simply blend up frozen berries, a scoop of whey, 1/3 cup of spinach and ice with almond milk. –
If you are craving a larger meal, then a 3 ounce piece of fish or lean meat with broccoli and a sweet potato is it! This provides you will healthy carbohydrates, protein and vitamins that will replenish your body.