Sodium Sulfite:21759563_s

Despite not being widely published, the FDA has determined that one in 100 people are allergic to sulfites in food. Sulfites are most commonly found in processed foods and is the preservative used to make wine. Additionally, individuals with asthma are more likely to have a sulfite sensitivity. Common symptoms include trouble breathing, rashes and headaches.

Sodium Nitrate:19145266_s

As a preservative for coloring and flavoring in some of America’s favorite foods like bacon, ham, hot dogs and lunch meats, Sodium Nitrate may appear to be a harmless ingredient; however, it is a dangerous carcinogenic. Once sodium nitrates have entered the digestive system they combine with nitrosamine compounds to disrupt the liver and pancreas. Despite the USDA attempting to ban sodium nitrate in the 1970s, the food industry continues to use it because it changes a product’s color to red. Found in processed meat, smoked fish, hotdogs, bacon, ham, cured meats and corned beef.

BHA and BHT: 11116337_s

Known by their scientific names, butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydrozyttoluene, are preservatives that are found in gum, chips, cereals and vegetable oils. Essentially, BHA and BHT prevent foods from changing color, changing flavor or turning rancid. Essentially, these preservatives stop food from going through their evolutionary stages. Think of these preservatives link an anti-aging medicine that would stop a person from growing old. Scientific studies have linked BHA and BHT to cancer and neurological problems.