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Diets have long been advertised as the quickest way to achieving a better looking and healthier body. However, diets are not without their downsides and are often not the lifesavers that they are billed as being. With new diets emerging everyday, scientists and researchers are constantly being required to test the merits and results of each one. While there is no denying that there are many popular, researched and scientifically proven diets available many are just gimmicks that illicit short term gains while sacrificing long term health. Here are the top five diets that never work.

1.Food Group Specific Diets:

Many diets call for people to eat only certain food groups or food types like meat, vegetables or low-carbohydrates. However, many dietitians and nutritionists are recommending that their patients avoid diets that do not allow for consumption of all food groups. Numerous diet fads have been invented like the cabbage soup diet and grapefruit diet that allow for limited or non-existent consumption of specific foods. Unfortunately, people who subscribe to these diets are not getting the nutrients needed for a balanced lifestyle. Recently, the American Diabetes Association has published studies that show eating only a certain food group does not provide the body’s required nutrients. Consequently, these diets may result in weight loss in the short term; however, they may also have negative health consequences at a later date. Furthermore, restricting access to certain foods only leads to us craving these outlawed items. Enjoying indulgences such as ice cream or pizza is important during a diet because it helps eliminate our craving for these unhealthy items. Additionally, rewarding our body for the hard work of losing weight through diet and exercise by enjoying a treat is imperative.

2.Detox Diets:

Most commonly referred to as the Master Cleanse and The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox, these diets call for individuals to flush their livers through cleanse, hormone injections and supplements. For years, people have been making the argument that cleansing our liver and kidneys of toxic chemicals can help lead to weight loss. As an example, many people believe that constant drinking of water can lead to substantial weight loss. However, while water is a necessary ingredient in any weight loss regimen, simply drinking large quantities of the liquid is not going to result in sustained weight loss. Yes, drinking water will help to clean out the body of toxins and can result in weight loss; however, the decrease of pounds is not a reflection of losing weight. Currently, there is no scientific evidence that taking a cleanse or detox pill is an appropriate diet.