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3.Miracle Food Diets:

One of the most common dietary fads are ones that utilize specialized ingredients like bitter orange, green tea and apple cider vinegar to help lose weight. Chronic dieters often fall prey to diets that advertise weight loss through pills or liquids made from popular ingredients. As of now, there is no one ingredient that automatically triggers weight loss. Instead, the key to losing weight is a balanced diet of healthy food and daily exercise. Simply popping a pill or drinking a liquid will not result in effective weight loss. In fact, these supplements and potions can often have long-term health implications that do more harm than good. Recent claims that taking acai pills for weight loss lack the scientific research and evidence to be proven true. While acai berry does contain healthy antioxidants, scientists have yet to find a connection between the berry and weight loss.

4.Fasting Diets:

Fasting diets never work for those people who are overcompensating with extra calories on non- fasting days. Starving the body of its required nutrients from food is akin to trying to run a non-diesel vehicle on diesel fuel. No matter how little you eat your body is going to crave food. In addition to being unhealthy, consuming fewer calories for several days causes the body to readjust its’ metabolism. Therefore, once you resume eating a normal diet again your body’s metabolism fails to catch up and substantial weight loss can occur. Fasting deprives your body of the needed nutrients to make it through a day. Long term fasting can lead to poor sleeping, less energy, decreased stamina and many more health problems.

5.Diets that Falsely Advertise:

Many diets use false information and customer testimonials to tout the successes of the diet. If a diet sounds like it’s working too well than it probably is. A healthy diet in combination with exercise should result in about a 1-pound weight loss per week. Don’t fall for false advertising by consulting with a licensed physician before participating in any diet. The best diets will be advocated by leading weight loss experts and have proven results backed by scientific research.