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The main characteristics of binge eating disorder include:
Feeling tremendously upset or distressed following a binge eating episode, frequent bouts of uncontrollable binge eating. For binge eaters, overeating is a habitual and uncontrollable occurrence, and food is used to deal with stress and other depressing emotions, even if afterwards the person feels worse.

Causes of Binge Eating:

  • Low self esteem
  • Negative self-evaluation
  • Nerve-racking life events
  • Partaking in extremely competitive dance or sports
  • Feeling isolated and alone from others
  • Family background eating disorders

Dissimilar to bulimia, binge eaters have an insurmountable will to continue with their binging behavior minus repeated attempts to “makeup for being naughty” for their binges by over-exercising, fasting, or vomiting. Dieting is a tremendous risk factor for any eating disorder. Numerous individuals with binge eating disorder are magnets for repeated failed diets