eating candy secretly
Forget about dieting
The denial and hunger triggered by strict-dieting can cause food cravings and the desire to overeat. In place of dieting, concentrate on eating in restricted quantities. Find nourishing foods that you take pleasure in, and eat just enough to feel content, not awkwardly stuffed. Shun banning specific foods since this will make you want them even more. Write down whatever you eat, how much, when, and how you were feeling when you ate it.

Everyone has heard this bit of advice before; nonetheless, it is advised so often, there must be something to it! Not only does exercise help keep you in shape, it also eases depression, enhances overall health, and decreases stress. The natural mood enhancing “feel good hormones” that exercise triggers will help to halt the desire to over eat.

Get adequate sleep
If you are tired, you might resort to eating in order to boost your energy. Go to bed early or take a nap. Sleep has a way of healing our bodies and mind.

Pay attention to your body
Train yourself to know the difference between physical and emotional hunger. If you just ate and there’s no “rumble in your tummy,” you are probably not actually hungry. The cravings will past quickly if you distract yourself.