happy vegetable shopping

Here are the top three most efficient mood boosting vegetables that should not miss from your diet:

1. Vegetables Rich In Folic Acid

In addition to elevating your mood and treating/preventing the onset of depression, folic acid has several other notable benefits that you should not ignore. By consuming vegetables rich in folic acid, you dramatically reduce the risk of birth defects and this aspect is particularly useful for pregnant mothers. On the other hand, folic acid also plays an essential role in preventing anemia and maintaining your blood healthy: it balances blood pressure and it is perfect for those who suffer from hypotension, better known as low blood pressure. If consumed regularly, folic acid can also lower the risk for certain types of cancer, such as colon, stomach or cervical cancer. Now that you are fully aware of the importance and benefits of folic acid, it is important to identify the veggies that contain the highest amounts of folic acid and Vitamin B12, and to add them to your daily diet. Generally speaking, folic acid is widely found in greens and beans: for instance, kidney beans are a very good choice. At the same time, spinach and black beans are also two very popular and delicious choices!