glass of red wine

Organic wines are very popular these days: as a matter of fact, people have started to turn their faces to organic foods rather than genetically modified foods, as organic products are free of pesticides and any other toxic compounds. Even though these foods may be slightly more expensive, their health benefits certainly overcome their price. The following wines are made from grapes that are certified to be organic, although the entire winery must be certified as well. A wine is considered to be organic if it is 100% natural and it has an extremely low concentration of sulfites, and no fertilizers or pesticides are used for the grapes. Here are some of the most reputable organic wines at the moment:

1. Wines Produced By The Casa Lapostolle

Casa Lapostolle is an organic winery located in central Chile and it produces several notorious organic red wines, including the carmenere (a red grown wine), the Clos Apalta blend or the well-known syrah. Casa Lapostolle relies exclusively on organic growing techniques and syrah is the most affordable variety, as opposed to the other two varieties. The Lapostolle wines are world-class products that can be purchased at affordable prices.

2. The Chateau Maris La Touge Syrah

The Chateau Maris La Touge Syrah is a blend that contains 85% Syrah and 15% Grenache, made entirely from organically grown grapes. This is a biodynamic vegan wine that has a cherry-like aroma, and what makes the Chateau Maris stand out from the crowd is not only the fact that it is made from organic grapes but also the storage conditions, as the special cellars allow the wines to “breathe” and they ensure proper humidity and temperature levels.

Naturalistic wine making is widely spread across France, and so is the biodynamic farming. Basically, biodynamic farming involves the use of draft horses rather than tractors, and the soil is activated naturally instead of using artificial fertilizers. The Chateau Maris La Touge Syrah is a complex wine with a fruity flavor, and it can be purchased for $12-$15 depending on the year of production.