It’s messy, unappealing, largish in most instances, distasteful, and unnecessary. Thrown in preservatives, enhancers, and a bit of food coloring, a piece of wood can look completely appetizing! Here are the some of the most calorific dishes of three major countries from around the world United States, UK, and Australia.

The Top 5 Highest Calorie Dishes in America



IHOP Colorado Omelette
Colorado has the title of the “leanest state in America,” so who’s eating the IHOP Colorado Omelettes? This omelette is packed with 1,890 calories, 47g of saturated fat, 4,200 mg sodium, and 130g carbohydrates, a sure contender for “hypertension food of the year.”




Outback Steakhouse Baby Back Ribs Full-Rack
This meal is served with a pile of unappetizing fries, thereby piling on additional calories. Total calorie intake equals 3,000 big ones! Never mind 2,599 mg sodium and 160g of fat.





Applebee’s Appetizer Sampler
This dish makes a joke out of the word “appetizer.” Buffalo wings, cheese quesadilla, spinach and an artichoke dip with chips, along with mozzarella sticks, and you have 2,150 calories, 168 g fat, 6,660 mg sodium, and a dose of heartburn.